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Rise to the top of your niche by taking your business next-level, attracting your dream clients, and standing far out from the crowd.

Rise to the top of your niche by taking your business next-level, attracting your dream clients, and standing way out from the crowd.

Unbasic Creatives is a six month group coaching program for family photographers who want to build a high-end, profitable business that gets noticed, create their best work yet, and make those daydream goals become a reality - all with a supportive community of likeminded creatives!

I see you dreaming bigger, and I can help.

I created this program because I spent years wishing I had exactly this: a roadmap to take my business from fine to thriving. 

I didn't want to be "just" a family photographer - I wanted work that stood out from the crowd, a profitable business that I was proud of, and to be a top photographer in my area.

What I discovered is that there's a huge gap in quality education for family and newborn photographers. Much of what's available is a little old school and hasn't caught up with today's demand for high-end, film or film-inspired, authentic yet elevated family photography. 

I spent a lot of hard years DIY-ing my path forward to achieving my goals, but I learned a ton. And from this experience, I've written the roadmap that would have changed my life and saved me years of struggle, knowing that it can change yours, too. 

Welcome to Unbasic Creatives.

Ready for it?

You've got talent and tenacity.... but that doesn't make this easy.

You've got talent and tenacity... but that doesn't make this easy.

You know where you want to be going - but reaching your dreams is challenging and time consuming, and you're ready for big growth, now.

Your photos are good... but they're not yet what you dream of and you know you can do more. You want to create images that set you apart from the family photography crowd!

You believe you can be more profitable, but raising prices is scary and you worry that you won't book clients at higher prices. You may be struggling with a little imposter syndrome, too.

You've tried other workshops and courses, but walked away with a lot of fluff. "Feeling more creative" hasn't changed your art or business, and you're hungry for serious, actionable content that is specifically tailored to you - and a coach who genuinely has your back.





Do any of these frustrations sound familiar?


"The money that I invested in working with Hannah is the best money spent in my whole photography career."

Figuring out how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be was painful. There was so much trial and error, and I struggled endlessly with imposter syndrome and self-doubt. What's more, I was growing my family and I didn't have room for my job to kick my butt. I looked for help, but never found what I needed.

When I finally made the pieces click together, and realized what it took to grow a healthy and profitable business, everything changed dramatically. I began creating art I loved, I found recognition in my local market for my signature style, and I raised my prices enormously. My business finally felt right

Want to know a secret? I almost quit.

and now, I want to help you do the same... minus the struggle and wasted time!

I've been in your shoes.

Rise to the top with the business you daydream about, create your best work ever, attract clients who adore you, and do it all with your health and wholeness as a creative business owner front and center.

And this is it:

Unbasic Creatives with Hannah Mann

Steal my wildly easy session flow, all of my editing secrets, everything I know about film, all of my tips for managing challenging clients, and so much more, so that you can rock every session, every time.

But also: I'm going to coach you through developing your own signature style that gets you recognized. I'm going to give you every tool you need to create a gorgeous, high end portfolio that enables you to stand out from the crowd, attract dream clients, and majorly raise your prices.

I've worked in big city and small city markets, and have a range of experience that most photographers will never have. We'll work together to develop a realistic business plan that works for your area, your lifestyle, and your goals!

I've had students who've earned over $150k/year, and have had over $20k weekends. I've also had many students who are choosing to work no more than a handful of sessions each month, but know those sessions need to be maximally profitable. So whether your focus is on minimal work or maximum income, I have the experience to help you reach your business goals. This program is perfect for all!

Here's What You'll Learn

Create the dreamiest photos.

Get (really) profitable.

I believe in setting my students up for long term success. In this program, I will teach you a healthy, practical growth cycle that you will implement during our time together, but also many times again in the future. I use this same growth cycle in my business, year after year. It's repeatable, sustainable, and practical. When you know the right foundation for big changes, you can level up - and then do it again, and again, and again.

Learn how to grow - now and forever.

Some photographers come to me with an empty calendar. Some come to me overwhelmed by their constant demand, realizing that they're serving clients they don't actually connect with. Wherever you're at on that spectrum, I'm going to coach you through creating a brand that speaks right to your dream clients, and teach you marketing techniques that I promise aren't scary in the slightest. From your website, to your social media presence, to your client experience, and far beyond, we're going to nail your customer journey and keep them coming back for more.

Attract dream clients & keep them.


“Unbasic Creatives truly is the best course I have ever taken."


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"I cannot sing enough praises about [Unbasic Creatives]. Hannah is an incredibly talented teacher who cares deeply about you and the success of your business. She is very thorough in all her explanations of the course content and her answers to any and every question you may have. Unbasic Creatives is an all-inclusive course that will transform your business if you put the work into it... Her strategy of giving you bite-size information at a time is something I really enjoyed. It allows you to take your time and dig deep to see what action steps need to happen next. I’ve had more 'aha moments' than I can count, answering questions I didn’t know I should have. I feel incredibly blessed to have found Hannah and that I can be part of her course. 
If you’re looking for a course that will give you all the tools to grow your photography business, look no further. Hannah’s Unbasic Creatives truly is the best course I have ever taken."

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real results

Rise to the top of your niche and stand far out from the photography crowd.

How does this sound?

Attract dream clients who trust you and can't wait to invest with you.



the real results you're going to get:

Run a profitable, elevated business on YOUR terms, that scales when you want it to.


Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt to the curb and feel confident - for real.


Create gorgeous galleries with your signature style at every single session.


How It Works

You'll get access to incredible content through an online course portal. I created digestible, action-oriented lessons on dozens of topics that you can work through at your own speed. Bonus: your access to this course doesn't end after six months! 

online course

Every other week, our group meets for a video call. This time is fun and fosters real connection in the group, but it's also a time where you can get all of your questions answered and talk face-to-face about where you're at and what you need help with.

bi-weekly meetings

This program is all about your individual success, promise! You get two portfolio reviews and a website review, so you get the support you need based on exactly where you are at. Between calls, you can also get support through our online group platform. 

individual support

“Hannah's program has been life changing for me...”


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Hannah’s program has been life changing for me (and I’m not even done yet). Not only is Hannah extremely knowledgeable and an expert in her field, but she truly cares about community over competition.

She is dedicated to helping other photographers find what makes them unique and helps set up practical ways to implement change.

Because of her mentoring, I feel more confident with my own business. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone and inspired me to make the changes I have wanted to make for a long time.
She also fosters a positive group vibe, and it has been so fun getting to know the other talented photographers in the group. Hannah is always approachable when we have questions or just need to brainstorm ideas.

If anyone is looking to shake up their business, Hannah’s mastermind is well worth it!

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real results

"I wouldn’t have been able to take my business to the next level without Hannah. Not only is Hannah incredibly kind and wonderful, she is smart and has so much experience and knowledge in everything... She helped me take mediocre work and make it great. I am forever thankful for her help and expertise and value her friendship!"

— Hannah h.

But a good investment ultimately costs you nothing - you earn back what you put in so many times over. And this program is going to help you do exactly that. Not only will you pay off your investment really quickly as you put your new skills and knowledge to use, you'll also be setting yourself up for exponential growth every year in the future. Growth doesn't end with the six month program: I'm going to equip you to keep growing year after year.

You can play it safe and DIY it all... and stay stuck, keep undercharging, keep blending in and wondering where clients are. But I'm telling you, investing in yourself and in your earning potential is a whole lot more rewarding in every way.

I know, it's tough to invest in yourself. 

I am 100% confident you have what it takes.

"Not only is she excellent in her field, she truly wants others to succeed as well."



“She helped me to formulate a concrete plan to attract ideal clients and make my business more profitable."



"Most importantly, she’s given me the confidence to just do it, trust myself, and shoot!"



from my students

All that separates you from where you are and where you want to go is the right knowledge and the willingness to bet on yourself.

Have a clear, actionable plan in place for rising to the top of your niche and standing out from the crowd.

Run every single session with calm, confidence, and clarity, to deliver galleries your clients adore.

Understand how to attract your dream clients and keep them coming back every single year.

Transform your business into one that is profitable, sustainable, and aligned with your own values.

Create the work you dream of, and that has your unique signature all over it.

Connect with a network of photographers who are actually cheering each other on.

By the end of this program, you will...

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(... and more)

— sanny

"Hannah is not about fluff. She gets to the point and will make sure that your time with her is 100% worth it..."

"Signing up for a mentorship call with Hannah was one of the best decisions that I've made for my business this year! I was looking for clarity in the direction of my business and ways to elevate it. I've admired her work, her approach to her photography business, and online presence, and so naturally, wanted to learn from her experience. Hannah was very open with me about what worked and what didn't for her, and helped me identify top action items that I can do now to maximize change. I had sent her a long email of questions and topics that we could possibly cover during our call, and I can't believe that we touched on all of it! Hannah is not about fluff. She gets to the point and will make sure that your time with her is 100% worth it (but still having the call be super laid back and fun)!"

I'm Hannah.

I've been a family and wedding photographer since 2014, and I have a passion for elevating the family photo industry and equipping other photographers to succeed. 

I'm also a homeschooling mom to four young kids, and I believe wholeheartedly in creating a business that aligns with my own values and serves my family, rather than blindly chasing someone else's dream. When I put all the pieces together and finally created the business I'd been longing for, my life changed (big time). I upped my income without working more hours, attracted clients who valued me enormously, was able to create the galleries I dreamed of no matter how crazy my sessions were, and I found the confidence and energy that came from having a business that stood out from the rest.

more about me

Hey there!

I had spent money previously on coaching/workshops that just didn’t pay off for me. They didn’t seem to be tailored to my needs and I never felt like I gained enough from the experiences. That was initially my worry before booking with Hannah, but I was pleasantly surprised! [...] Hannah is a great resource. Not only is she excellent in her field, she truly wants others to succeed as well. 

— Lindsay

"She truly wants others to succeed as well."



I can’t really find the words to explain all that Hannah has helped me with but to summarize a few: editing, lighting, website, story telling, directing a session, location seeking, how to avoid color casting, and framing images properly. Seriously the list goes on and on.

Most importantly, she’s given me the confidence to just do it, trust myself, and shoot!

There has never been a question unanswered or a message left on read. She has truly held up her side of being a mentor and she is real and relatable!

— L.G.

"She's given me the confidence to just do it..."



This coaching program is the only one of its kind because...

you're not just a number.

I'm going to be honest: there's a lot of baloney in the world of photography education. And it really gets me angry.

There are educators who believe that their big-city successes can be translated to your small town, and who are clueless as to how different each market really is. They'll set you up with unrealistic dreams and they won't be there when they don't come true.

There are coaches who want you in their program, because you're a means to their own financial dreams. Maybe their content is good, maybe not, but they go to sleep without any thought of whether or not it's working for you.

Friend, you deserve so much better than that. Remember, you don't owe anyone your trust or your money - let them earn it!

I've actually been in your shoes.

My past students will tell you that I go above and beyond for them, because I genuinely care about their success (see the review above, as well as others). Why do I care? Because I've been where you're at, and I know how hard it is to pour your heart into a business that doesn't give back.

I know what it's like to have an empty calendar while other photographers book out by January. I know what it's like to do taxes and see how little your hours and hours of work really earned. I know what it's like to feel torn between snuggling my babies and figuring out how to earn money to support our family. I know what it's like to want more than anything to walk away from a joyless job. Thankfully, I've also seen the other side.

And I want more than anything to see you rise out of the struggle and thrive!

comprehensive recorded lessons

bi-weekly live support calls


Follow a proven roadmap

portfolio & website reviews

But it also requires a commitment from you: the promise to stick with it, see it through, believe in yourself, and take some risks.

Don't worry - I'll have your back the entire time, and I'll facilitate relationships between group members to expand your support network even further. I have zero doubts that you can get exactly where you want to go. (Seriously.)

This program includes everything you need to go next-level.

Rocking every single session (even the most challenging ones)

Producing work that you feel AMAZING about and rising to the top of your niche

Raising your rates - and providing the work and experience to match

Understanding how to attract dream clients and convert them into repeat customers

Editing with confidence to produce images that stand up to time and trends

Quitting emulating anyone else, and creating a business that's all your own

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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My primary hesitation is always whether someone is going to be a good teacher. There's a big difference between being a great photographer and being able to teach someone else well, especially because I don't feel like creative pursuits come naturally to me. But knowing that you came from a non-creative background and seeing how hands-on you appear to be with your kids gave me confidence that you 1) know what it's like to have to switch ways of thinking; and 2) would probably be patient enough and able to break down things that didn't come naturally to me.

What hesitations did you have before working with me?

Overall, your suggestion to reserve a little time each session for play or experimentation has been so helpful. Giving myself that little bit of time to try to incorporate things that I'm not 100% sure about or am still getting comfortable using has been great because I know I got what I needed to get in the first half of the session and still have time to experiment with real people. And when it works, they get a little more diversity in their gallery! As far as tangible skills and results, the biggest one has been a shift in my attitude towards light: while I'll always prefer some sun, I've felt so much more confident in finding the best light in less than ideal conditions and have been really happy with the results. *I know this seems like a small thing, but finding and understanding light has always been the hardest thing for me with photography, so to me, this is a big thing.

What results have you experienced, or what skills have you developed?

I feel like I have a new friend! More specifically, I felt comfortable sharing all of the things that I think influence my work and the way I operate. That has made me more confident in just being myself and shooting in a way that feels right for me with clients.

How else have you benefited from our work together?  

That you are a safe space, seemingly free from any judgment! You are genuinely interested in helping people work through the things they are struggling with and seem to really enjoy the process.

What's the most important thing people should know about working with me?

Q&A with one of my students

keeley mckay

What exactly is included?

This course includes a lot. It includes prerecorded lessons that you can watch and implement at your own pace, that cover all of the specifics that you need to take your biz next level - from running a session, troubleshooting with challenging clients, editing like a master, shooting film with families, attracting dream clients, marketing, mindset, social media, website, and SO much more! It also includes live group coaching calls every other week for six months, plus a platform where you can ask me Qs between calls M-F.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for this course?

Ultimately, that's up to you. Course content and calls will take anywhere from 1-3 hours per week, but implementing new knowledge happens on your timeline, as it is healthy for you.

How much does this cost, and do you offer payment plans?

You bet I offer payment plans! This program is designed to be within reach, whether you're part time or full time. The program is $3600 paid in full, $695/month for six months, or $395/month for 12 months. The program lasts 6 months, regardless of payment plan.

What if I can't make the live calls?

I'll take questions ahead of time to answer during our calls, and they'll be available for replay!

Is this only for film shooters?

No way! I love film and shooting film is included in this course. However, this course is insanely valuable no matter the medium you use!

Does it matter if I'm part or full time?

Not a bit. In this course you'll write your own outline for success, not anyone else's. You'll also learn the skills you need for your biz to thrive no matter how much or little you choose to work.

Is this just about in person sales?

Nope! I'll cover various pricing models and help you find what works for you, based on your preferences, local market, and what type of client you want to attract. There are many great ways to structure your sales! Pricing is a small, yet important piece of the whole program.

What if this doesn't help me move forward?

If you put in the work, you will move forward, guaranteed. This program is incredibly comprehensive and will give you all the tools you need for a major level-up... as long as you put it into action!

apply now

— CArike

“ I had a fantastic experience working with Hannah!"

She is a lovely person and it was easy to connect with her. She helped me to formulate a concrete plan to attract ideal clients and make my business more profitable. She helped me to make photography exciting again!

email me

Still on the Fence?

let's do this

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Email me and tell me what's holding you back or why you're worried you're not the perfect fit for this. I'd love to connect and dig deeper to see if this is the right move for you!

A thousand percent yes!! Photographers that are stuck and want to take their work to the next level would benefit from working with you. The money that I invested in working with you is the best money spent in my whole photography career. 

Would you recommend working with me?

NONE!! LIKE ZERO!! Whenever you responded that you were available I was literally SO excited. You are seriously one of my favorite photographers EVER!

What hesitations did you have before working with me?

You helped me get to the next level. I was taking "pretty" pictures but after my in-person mentorships and virtual follow-ups, I think my work improved dramatically. Although I still have a lot to work on I am really proud of my work now. You have also helped me with attracting my ideal client. Most of my clients follow my wardrobe recommendations and trust my vision. Before, I was booking clients that just did not fit my style and vision.

What results have you experienced, or what skills have you developed?

A friendship! I feel like we have a personal relationship and I value that so much!

How else have you benefited from our work together?  

You care so much! You really want your mentees to succeed and you push them to do better!

What's the most important thing people should know about working with me?

Q&A with one of my students

Ana Dufreche